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What Makes Chiropractic Care Different?

North Shore Chiro blog - What makes chiropractic different
Chiropractic care is very different from a medical treatment. While medicine is mainly interested in the treating symptoms, chiropractic is interested in something beyond that.

After having chiropractic adjustments, many of our patients happily report that their symptoms often reduce or disappear, but that’s not the REAL intention of what we do.

Instead, our main goal is to correct the underlying cause of your symptoms. When the cause is corrected (vertebral subluxation a.k.a spinal misalignments), your body will naturally heal and symptoms can be alleviated even without the use of drugs.

Now that’s a BIG difference!

This big difference has allowed chiropractic care to be known as an alternative art of healing and preventive care.

Now, we are not saying that the world can live without medical doctors because there are emergency situations where drugs and life-saving surgeries are necessary. The point is medicine has its own purpose, intention and result. And so does chiropractic care—that’s why they’re both unique on their own.

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