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North Shore Chiro Team Chiropractor Lan Ling Mansell

Dr Lan Ling Mansell
B.Tech, BVSc, BChiro

I’m a science geek from way back when my first degree was in Biomedical technology at Auckland University. I have always had a fascination for the big picture of how everything works.

Discovering research and development was not the world of excitement I hoped for, I studied for a Veterinary degree from Massey University in Palmerston. Working as a small animal Vet in Auckland was fun for a few years, but as I watched my partner Gian as a Chiropractor, the realization gradually dawned on me that to be truly happy in my work it would need to be philosophically aligned as traditional working as a vet meant a lot of drug pushing, working from the outside in without respect for the self healing and self regulating properties which are inherent in animals and people alike.

Having made this startling discovery, I had no choice but to go back to school, and so started on the 5 year degree in Chiropractic from the NZ College in Ellerslie.

On graduating I worked in Singapore where I have spent many happy family holidays in the past as this was an amazing experience & I had the privilege to adjust many wonderful people. However Gian and I felt the call to settle down and so returned to our home town of Auckland to bring Chiropractic to the North Shore community. In 2012 I started my dream of opening my own practice in the Silverdale branch of North Shore Chiropractic.

What I love about working in Silverdale is the community feel, and the people so focused on health, lifestyle & family. And this is what excites me & what Chiropractic is about in facilitating people to take responsibility for their own health & realize their own inborn potential not only to be healthy but to live an optimum life.


Dr Lan Ling’s Hours

North Shore Chiropractic (Glenfield)
Monday 7:30 AM – 11 AM, 3PM – 6:30PM
Wednesday 7:30 AM – 11 AM, 3PM – 6:30PM
Thursday 3PM – 6:30PM

Hibiscus Chiropractic (Orewa)
Tuesday and Friday 3PM – 6:30PM