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Can Chiropractic help with Hypertension?

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North Shore Chiro Blog - Correlation of Spine and Heart health

Heart disease remains a significant concern in our country, impacting many lives and putting a strain on our healthcare system. While genetics and family history contribute to heart disease, lifestyle choices also play a crucial role. Strategies for preventing heart disease have traditionally focused on managing weight, making healthy food choices, exercising regularly, and sometimes […]


Why we should motivate kids to get more physical activity

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North Shore Chiro Blog - Kids Physical Activity

Media Release: NZ Chiropractors Advise Parents To Get Kids Up And Moving To Save Them From A Lifetime Of Dysfunction, published June 26th 2019 Members of the New Zealand Chiropractors’ Association (NZCA) are advising parents and caregivers to encourage children to play the ‘old fashioned way’, and save our future generations from a possible lifetime […]