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Dr Tyrell Peak
BSc (Chiro)

I love being a family wellness chiropractor because everyone deserves to have a healthy spine and nervous system. I love helping people reach their goals and restore a healthy level of function back into their lives. Having a family focus helps us educate and increase the wellness of the generations before, now, and to come. 
When I’m not at North Shore Chiropractic I try to maintain my fitness by going for hikes with my dog Reuben, playing ice hockey, or power lifting.

The greatest miracles I have seen so far:

A 66 year old woman hurt her back gardening and lost 100% feeling and muscle tone in her left hip. She had tried a few things and was scared it would feel foreign to her body forever. After a couple months of chiropractic care the feeling in her hip returned and the muscle tone followed. She was incredibly relieved and ecstatic to be reunited with the feeling in her hip again.

Dr Tyrell’s Hours

North Shore Glenfield Office
Mon 8.00–11.00AM and 2.30–6.30PM
Tues 2.30–6.30PM
Thurs 8.00–11.00AM and 2.30–6.30PM