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How to Slow Down Brain Aging?

slow down brain aging
Many people think that brain deterioration is an inevitability that no one can’t do much about. After all, it’s part of growing older right?
We may not be able to stop the clock, but there are ways we can do to actually delay the onset of brain aging and even affect how well we age in the future. How?
It’s by adopting healthy lifestyle behaviors as early as possible. Simple as that. Here are 6 things you can incorporate in your daily routine:

Protect your brain and spine

This starts with a consciousness that your brain and spine is irreplaceable. They are responsible for making your body and organs function, and without them you would not be able to do anything at all. So protect it always!


Learn Something New

The brain is like a muscle. If you don’t use it too often, it will get rusty. New learning makes new connections in the brain, making you sharper and more efficient. Why don’t you try solving puzzles, or learning a new language for a change?


Get Enough Zzzz’s

Like a cellphone, our bodies need a charger to prevent our battery from draining. We are designed to be fully charged with 7-8hrs of sleep. That’s why getting enough sleep is essential. Sleep restores fundamental chemical balance in the body and keeps electrical currents flowing in the brain, which prepares you for the next day.


Eat A Healthy Diet

The brain will not function well without a good fuel. A healthy diet that includes lean protein, fruits, vegetables, nuts, and healthy fats is essential for its development. As for vitamins and minerals, you cannot always get enough from what you eat so it is recommended to take supplements if you need to, like taking fish oils when you don’t get much Vitamin D from sun exposure.


Move Your Body

Another essential thing for the brain to work efficiently is oxygen. Physical exercise boosts blood flow which increases the brain’s use of oxygen. The more use of oxygen, the more it improves your brain’s response to stress. So the next time you exercise, do it for the long term health of your brain!


Stress Less

There are several studies linking long term and repetitive stress with cognitive aging and impairment. Experiencing stress is a daily battle, but you can somehow reduce it through relaxation methods or anything that works for you. Meditation, breathing exercises, acupuncture, aromatherapy, massages and chiropractic adjustments are just some of the ways which can help you reduce your stress and boost your mood.


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