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How To Avoid Holiday-Related Back Pain

North Shore Chiro Blog How To Avoid Holiday-Related Back Pain
The holiday season can be especially tough on your schedule and also on your spine. From house decorating, working on deadlines, to last minute shopping sprees, stress just seems to be there in everything that you’re doing. As you prepare to celebrate Christmas and the New Year with family and friends, make sure to take extra care of your spine you don’t spend your whole holiday vacation suffering with back pain!

It’s never a good idea to shop ‘til you drop. In shopping, you already have to carry a lot given that you will be buying a lot. In this case, leaving your heavy purse and bag at home can help prevent additional weight on your shoulders and back. If possible, carry your debit or credit cards, and important belongings all in one pocket.

Also, wearing comfortable shoes can also be a life saver. There are instances where you need to run around stores or wait in line for hours. Wearing shoes with padded bottoms can help you lessen the pressure on your back and feet.

Putting up Decorations
Oh dear— putting up those lights can also be very hard on your back! If you’re planning on climbing a ladder, bending, twisting, or lifting heavy things to attach decorations, make sure to stretch before and after fr at least 3 minutes! Your back needs warming up to loosen those muscles especially if you haven’t been active for a while. Also take note that it’s also important to maintain a good posture in lifting heavy things to minimize the toll on your back.

Long Airplane or Car Trips
Sitting in an airplane or car seat for hours at a time can absolutely add to your back pain. If you’ll be driving for hours, it’s always good to take rest stops and bathroom breaks. Even if you don’t need it, just stopping and stretching your legs once in a while will allow your back to change position and breathe. Doing this can prevent a lot of pain in the long run. This goes the same on an airplane. The space there is much more limited, but a few stretches in your seat is doable, and you can always stand up and walk around to shake off muscle stiffness.

You may not believe this, but overindulging in food over the holidays can actually put unnecessary pressure on your spine, resulting in stabbing  back pain. When you overeat, your stomach can push away from your back, causing your posture and alignment to shift. To avoid this scenario, what you can do is to start small with your portions and you can go back for another helping, with again small portions. This gives you more time to chew, and allots more time for the brain to think that you are getting full.

Staying over someone’s house
When you’re visiting friends or family, it’s likely you’ll be sleeping on a bed or couch that you’re not used to. Oftentimes, it might not fully support your back the way you want it to and this might feel uncomfortable. While you cannot ask for a better bed, a morning stretch is always beneficial as well as maintaining a good posture when you sleep. Keeping your spine aligned with the use of pillows can help you relax and breathe better. If possible, also avoid caffeine or food close to bedtime so you sleep continuously without tossing and turning. Those movements in the middle of the night can change your sleeping posture.

Keeping your Spine and Back Healthy with Chiropractic Care
Keeping the spine happy and healthy is what we do. We correct misalignments of the spine which can help with alleviating pain, tension, and pressure. When the spine works efficiently, the mind and body also works efficiently. Getting care on a regular basis improves the quality of life and keeps stress at bay.