Chronic Fatigue linked to Poor Posture

North Shore Chiro blog - Chronic fatigue linked to Poor posture
It is a sad fact that most people do not think about their posture as they are so busy with their everyday tasks. The actual danger of overlooking its importance is that you are likely to form bad posture habits such as hunching forwards and slumping in your seat. Studies show that our body’s posture is directly related to your health. Having poor posture can mean that you are more prone to a lot of health complications, including chronic fatigue.

Poor posture wastes your energy

Dr Roger Sperry, the 1980 Nobel Prize recipient for brain research, has demonstrated that 90 percent of all the energy output from the brain is used for posture alone, and the remaining 10 percent has to do with thinking, metabolism and healing. This means that almost all of your energy gets used in keeping the body upright under gravity.

If you have a habitually poor posture, gravity puts more strain on your muscles, bones and joints. This forces your muscles to work more to compensate, which results in greater energy consumption. Of course, a greater consumption of energy in order to do normal daily tasks will leave you feeling fatigued faster and it will also negatively affect your range of movement.

What’s worse, if we don’t address the root cause early, it can lead to an unending cycle of chronic fatigue. An increased fatigue worsens our posture further, exacerbating the existing problem. Thus, we tend to get worse posture over time resulting in a severe decline in physiological performance and shorter life span.

The Simple Solution: Fix your Posture

chronic fatigue linked to poor posture - fix your posture

Getting more energy and reducing your fatigue could be as simple as improving your posture. Ideally, a person should consciously try to develop good habits, like standing and sitting straight. Doing so will make their body feel straight, even and balanced. Unfortunately, most people weren’t able to maintain good posture because their bodies are already accustomed to poor posture habits. This is where we can help.

Here at North Shore Chiropractic, part of our health care is to make sure that our patient’s spine, nervous system, and whole body are functioning at an optimal level. Our professional doctors gently correct misalignments in the spine, helping people improve the postural systems in your body, so they can stand up straight again without effort or thinking.
If any of your friends and family suffer from tiredness or poor posture, please recommend a chiropractic consultation to see if we can help. Improving your loved ones’ posture can ultimately improve their energy levels, making it easier for them to live a full and happy life. Call us on the numbers below to arrange an appointment with us today!

Chronic Fatigue linked to Poor Posture - posture matters