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Posture Correction: Breaking Poor Posture Habits

breaking poor posture habits
Do you often experience headaches and stiffness in the neck?
Do you suffer from poor concentration at work?
At night, does back pain get in the way of your sleep?
Or, do you have limited mobility when you do most of your daily activities?

All of these mentioned above are problems that can come from having poor posture. Whether it’s the result of sitting at a desk all day, carrying heavy bags, looking down at a smartphone, or sleeping on your stomach, poor posture is never a good habit to have. It can literally alter the shape of your spine in the long run!
When this happens, the spine which is built to naturally absorb shock and maintain proper balance in the body, is completely compromised. Furthermore, any misalignments with the spinal vertebrae (spinal bones) can cause interference to the nerve signals from the brain to the body and the other way around. This results in poor communication between the brain and body and your bodily system would not 100% work as it should.
In contrast, good posture allows your spine to be as aligned and balanced as possible. Properly aligned vertebrae, muscles, and ligaments function smoothly and with minimal effort when you walk, run, turn, or lift something. This will allow your body to work more efficiently with less fatigue and strain in doing your daily activities.
This is why breaking poor posture habits is important. It is the first step is to have conscious, and constant awareness of good posture in everything you do. Chiropractors can help you with this.
We are a team of experts at analyzing posture and spinal problems. Digital, chiropractic posture assessment (or posture analysis) can determine the imbalances in your body that come from poor posture.
We usually assess a patient for:

  • how he/she walks
  • changes in the stance (eg. the outward turning of one or both feet)
  • alignment of the knees
  • levelling of the hips or pelvis
  • height differences across the shoulders
  • tilting of the head and neck
  • increase in the spinal curvatures

We analyze this information through our computers to accurately evaluate your posture and calculate if any extra pressure is being placed on your spine due to your posture. Then we can pinpoint any subluxations or misalignments in the spine which can be causing the imbalances. If misalignments exist, we can address these through chiropractic adjustments, which bring back the spine to its proper alignment.
So if you have tried to correct your posture on your own and you feel like you’re not getting anywhere—and if you feel like this is causing you issues that we mentioned above— our team of chiropractic doctors will be happy to help you improve your spinal health!
With the use of digital postural analysis, we’ll help you achieve a better (if not the best) posture imaginable.
Break your bad posture habit. Schedule your posture checkup today, call our office at 094424310.

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