About Us

To educate, check and adjust as many families as possible towards optimal health through natural corrective chiropractic care. North Shore Chiropractic represents the best in progressive and gentle family wellness chiropractic care.

To help families in our community enjoy a vibrant quality life free from drugs and surgery. Teach them to be proactive in health, consuming no chemicals, eating and moving well, and most importantly, understand the vital importance of a fully functioning stress free nerve system.

True to our vision, we aim to be the epicenter for optimal health and healing on the North Shore. In addition to clinical excellence, North Shore Chiropractic is as much a teaching institution as it is a healing centre. Our doctors and the team have travelled nationally and internationally participating in workshops and seminars, spearheading the movement of cutting edge corrective chiropractic technologies in our community.

We are deeply passionate about transforming the lives and health of our clients and are committed to the delivery of exceptional care and service. Driven by the referral of happy, successful and healthy client cases, our centre is growing at an exciting pace as we continue to help individuals and families live the life they desire and deserve.