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7 Great Ways Men Can Benefit from Chiropractic

Men can benefit from chiropractic
While both men and women are vulnerable to pains and strains, men are more likely to dismiss these things, which can aggravate underlying problems. In fact, many men choose not to go for a checkup until after they are in great pain.
This is the exact reason why our chiropractic team wants to focus on “Men’s Health Month” this June. Men’s Health Month is a special opportunity to raise awareness about preventable health problems concerning men and encourage the early detection of the body’s underlying problems.
What most men don’t realize nowadays is that by taking some preventive health measures like chiropractic care, problems might not be as big or can be prevented.
Here are 6 of the most important benefits that men can get from chiropractic care:

#1 Pain relief

Sore backs, headaches, neck pain, and stiffness are common types of pain amongst all of us. However, if pain keeps coming back in the same area, it needs to be checked. The best example would be back pain, which can be an indicator of a misaligned spine. Any spine misalignment (also called subluxation), minor or severe, can prevent your central nervous system from functioning correctly, leading to pain, injury or illness. Chiropractors are the best people who correct these misalignments with the use of spinal adjustments.


#2 Faster Recovery from Sports Injuries

While exercise is an essential part of taking care of your body, repeatedly engaging through sports activities can bring about unexpected injuries. Any sports injury that you have had can lead to chronic injuries if you continue to use the part of your body that’s been injured. This often results in swelling and loss of range of motion. A combination of chiropractic adjustments and massage therapy can help with a more speedy recovery and reduce the chance of further injury.


#3 Fix Poor Posture

Aside from giving you chiropractic adjustments, our docs can give you exercises and recommendations on proper positions during different activities which you can incorporate as part of your lifestyle. As you do these things, your neck and back muscles will gradually gain strength from proper use, which can help to maintain and correct your posture in the long run.


#4 Better Sleep Quality

Sleep related issues can often be traced back to stress. When spinal misalignments are corrected, the blood flow in the nervous system improves. This will make your breathing more relaxed, an essential factor for having quality sleep.


#5 Abundant Energy

Fatigue is actually a sign that some­thing in our lives, physical, mental or emotional, is not right. This lack of energy can be caused by many external factors like anxiety, lack of sleep, medication side effects, poor nutrition or a misaligned spinal column just to name a few. Fortunately, a healthy spine and nervous system keep your flow of energy running and your immune system strong.


#6 Stress Management

While stress can be beneficial in certain high-performance situations, experiencing it repeatedly is not good. Over the years many studies have proven the impact of chronic stress on the body, such as high blood pressure, increased risk for heart disease, or damage to muscle tissue, etc. Luckily, chiropractic care can help you manage your stress. After all, chiropractic focuses on the relationship between the spine and nervous system. Correcting subluxations restores nerve balance, which can reduce the impact of stress on your body.


#7 Expert Health Advice

Chiropractic is about more than simply correcting your posture or aligning the spine. Our team practices a holistic approach to wellness and we want our clients to fully experience what health can offer. Every step of the way, we want to provide you support and advice regarding the most healthy choices a man can make.

In your own way, you can honour Men’s Health Awareness Month by paying attention to your health and check if there are any underlying problems before they get worse. Schedule an initial consultation today to see if we can help.