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5 Factors That Affect Healing

North Shore Chiro blog - Factors that affect healing
When we ask new patients the question “What brings you here?”, the common answer we often hear is that it’s because of an ache, pain or other health problems that does not seem to go away.

As we ask further about their history, We learned that a lot of them have become used to over-the-counter pain relievers because of the ‘instantaneous relief’ it brings.

“After I take a pill, the annoying symptom is gone. I take it whenever I feel pain.”

No matter how good it sounds, taking a pill does not address the underlying cause of the problem. Symptoms are bound to come back again and again, and there will come a point wherein taking drugs won’t do much anymore.

The healing process works differently with chiropractic care.

Rather than suppressing the ‘surface’ symptoms, chiropractic seeks to reduce nerve interference which negatively affects the body’s ability to heal.

Without nerve interference, your body can then function better as intended and symptoms often diminish on their own.

Exactly how long is the healing process?

Because chiropractic focuses on the healing ability of your body, it differs for every individual. Some recover fast, some slow. But there are 5 main factors which can affect how long the healing process will take:

Your problem – Some kinds of health problems resolve faster than others, especially when you focus on solving the root cause, and not just ‘bandaging the symptoms’.

How Long You Had It – Did your pain or ache showed up last week? Or has it been there for months, or even years? Oftentimes, long-standing health issues is harder to treat.

Your health’s current state – Do you have nutrient deficiencies? Do you sit a lot everyday? Are you overweight? Do you usually sleep less than 5 hours? Do you smoke? If you answered yes to these questions at least once, then it would take longer for your recovery.

Your Age – The older you get, the slower you heal.

Your Stress Levels – There are three types of stress. There’s Physical stress, such as whiplash from a car accident. Chemical stress, such as medication, alcohol or a poor diet. Lastly, Emotional stress from worry, depression, anger or fear. It is a fact that people who are constantly bombarded with stress take longer to heal.


Looking at these factors, we can see that the mind and body connection plays an important role in recovery. To give your body the best opportunity to heal, you should be willing to make changes to your lifestyle and attitude towards health. Also, make sure to keep a healthy spine and nervous system.

If you have a health problem that doesn’t seem to go away, our chiropractic team may be able to help with the recovery process. For initial consultations, please call ph 09-4424310.

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