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Workplace Health Seminars

Improving Health at Work: Workplace HEALTH Seminars

At North Shore Chiropractic, we provide a variety of comprehensive workplace health seminars to promote greater productivity and overall performance.

We have programs that contribute to improved health and injury risk as well as improved job satisfaction. Our goal is to create a foundation that enables employers of all sizes to create a culture of wellness from the CEO to front-line employees. Through our trusted chiropractors, wellness educators as well as our motivating health programs we like to convey the healthy lifestyle message in the most effective way for your workforce.

For starters, we have an ESSENTIAL POWER SEMINAR that we can conduct at your place of work, business, sports or social club. In this seminar, you will get to learn:

The 5 Health Essentials
Key concepts to promote self responsibility towards health
Spinal health exercises that can be done at work and home
The definition of good posture and the relationship between spine and health
Practical ways to reduce stress and correct beds, pillows and desk setup
How to reduce injuries and speed recovery time
How your Power supply determines full body performance

The presentation involves an interactive power point presentation that can last for 30-60 minutes depending on workplace requirements. Everyone who attends will leave with links to resources of the information & research contained. You can CONTACT US for pricing information.

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We also have a comprehensive series of wellness based seminars that we run involving exercise, nutrition, the mind, and minimizing environmental toxins. There is a cost associated with these.

To know more about these seminars, you can Contact us or visit our Seminars Page. Links are provided below.