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Vitamin C and Healthy Joints

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If your joints feel a little creaky especially in the morning, it might be that you are lacking some vitamin C.
Vitamin C is a natural lubricant that helps the body produce collagen, which is the protein found in connective tissues. If it is missing, you will feel the difference in your joints. Thus, getting the right amount is key for maintaining healthy joints and preventing joint pain. Not only that, this power vitamin can be of benefit to your immune health on a daily basis as well.

Getting your dose of pure Vitamin C

Your body is unable to store vitamin C, so it’s important that you eat lots of foods containing it every day. Cooking and freezing fruits and vegetables can deplete their levels of vitamin C, so eating them raw is the best way to get most of it. Vitamin C is contained in most fruits and vegetables.
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Though there are plenty of organic sources available, receiving enough of this in today’s standard diet can still be difficult. This is where whole food supplements come into play. When we say ‘whole food’ it means they are suplements that come from pure organic food sources and not synthetic.
In our office, we only use whole food vitamin c which come from highest quality organic food sources. This is what we recommend to all our patients.

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