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The Danger of Forward Head Posture

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Do you often feel like your head is too heavy for your neck?

Well, it probably is. Our daily rituals of driving, using hand held devices, and working in poor posture positions can lead to a problem called FHP or forward head posture. Since we live in such a forward facing world, our bodies have been forced to adapt and created a forward head posture. Extended, repetitive use of computers, mobile phones, TV and game consoles combined with poor ergonomics mostly contribute to this condition.


Studies prove that for every inch your head sits in front of your shoulders, your neck bears an extra 10 pounds of stress. Imagine if you are carrying your head 2-3 inches forward – this increases the weight of your head up to 30-40lbs! This added weight can put a strain on your neck and upper back muscles that may result to disc compression, muscle fatigue, headaches and neck pains.


Safely Correct your FHP

This is something that you can easily check on your whole family – just check to see if the ears line up with the shoulders. If you have low back and/or neck pain, and your posture is looking less like an “I” and more like a “C”, it’s time to see your chiropractor. Even without pain, these conditions need to be addressed to avoid further strain and damage to other parts of the body. 


Now is the time to make the biggest change in your life – Get your posture and spine checked before it’s too late!

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