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Add Chiropractic To Your Child’s Back To School Checklist

When planning your child’s return to school for another term, as parents you have a list of supplies that you need to provide to make sure they have everything they need before the first day of class. But aside from the new backpack, notebooks and other things, make sure a chiropractic check-up for your child is on the list.
While it may not seem as urgent compared to the other stuff, regular checkups with your family chiropractor is an important part of your child’s health and performance in school.
The time that your child spends in school is crucial for their growth and development. This is when their bodies start to get exposed to a bunch of physical stressors that may negatively affect the spine. If not corrected early, these stressors can lead to spinal trauma and interference in the nervous system. Some examples are:

  • Prolonged sitting and using computers – Doing this for prolonged periods of time can cause problems such as chronic back pain and poor posture.
  • Playing an instrument – Repetitively playing an instrument in the same position and utilizing the same muscles over and over again puts major physical demands on different parts of the body such as on the shoulders, elbow, wrists, and fingers.
  • Using gadgets like smart phones, tablets and gaming consoles – Young people who spend hours hunched over electronic devices can have a ‘text neck’ or ‘forward head posture’.
  • Heavy things – Carrying backpacks and school books that are too heavy could do damage. Doing this everyday can affect posture and cause imbalances and pain in the spine, shoulder and neck.
  • Falling over or off things – Falling from a bike, a tree or down a flight of stairs may cause injuries like concussion or a misaligned bone.
  • Engaging in Sports – School-age children need physical activity but they tend to take a lot of knocks when they engage in sports.


proper workplace ergonomics

One example of a stressor is a heavy backpack.

Usually these injuries resolve on their own, but sometimes they don’t. An accumulation of repetitive injuries can cause spinal trauma, and interference in the nervous system. A lot of school children nowadays are victims to this.
They tend to be less coordinated, have poorer balance, have less efficiently developed motor patterns and less developed proprioceptive skills. They may be shy and less able to participate socially or very hyperactive and unable to focus their attention. Some are also unable to process new learning, and can be forgetful in exams. Another sign of a hidden injury is when children complain of recurring headaches or chronic musculo- skeletal pain. No child should be in chronic pain, and this should not be ignored.
Chiropractors are the best people who can assess your child’s spine and nervous system. They provide chiropractic adjustments if necessary which help promote better posture, and fix any imbalances before they take a long term toll on the body.
As a parent, you need to understand that a healthy spine with good alignment and nerve supply is essential to good performance in the classroom and activities. Day to day activities put stress on your child’s body, that’s why it’s important to monitor the health and condition of their spine through regular visits to your chiropractic doctor.
Regular adjustments give your child a better resistance to injuries and a better chance to adapt to school-related stressors placed upon them. It also helps them study better, play better, and prevent injuries in school.
If you have a child or a teen, contact us to book an assessment to see if we can help them start the school term in a good condition.
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