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7 Great Ways Men Can Benefit from Chiropractic

While both men and women are vulnerable to pains and strains, men are more likely to dismiss these things, which can aggravate underlying problems. In fact, many men choose not to go for a checkup until after they are in … Continue reading

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Text Neck Is Real: You May Have It Too

Do you lean over your cellphone as you text or read? If so, you’re part of an epidemic being called “text neck”.   Your head normally weighs about 11 pounds. Tilting it forward by only 15 degrees can put 27 … Continue reading

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Chronic Fatigue linked to Poor Posture

  It is a sad fact that most people do not think about their posture as they are so busy with their everyday tasks. The actual danger of overlooking its importance is that you are likely to form bad posture … Continue reading

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