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Category Archives: Natural Healing

Is it really the germs? The REAL reason why we get sick

When it comes to our health, there’s a common belief that we always get sick because of germs. This idea all started in the 1800’s with Louis Pasteur and his Germ Theory which states that the microbes (e.g. bacteria, virus, … Continue reading

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Modern Medication vs Natural Healing

  The human body is a perfectly designed system. When it functions normally, it is able to self-balance, self-repair, and self-heal. On the other hand, when its functions are impeded, unwanted symptoms may occur. These are the signals that something … Continue reading

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The Danger of Forward Head Posture

  Do you often feel like your head is too heavy for your neck? Well, it probably is. Our daily rituals of driving, using hand held devices, and working in poor posture positions can lead to a problem called FHP … Continue reading

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