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7 Thoughtful Gifts that Migraine Sufferers will surely love

7 gift for migraine sufferers
Do you know a friend who suffers from severe Headaches or migraines? If you’re close with somebody who gets a regular dose of both, then you probably understand the agony that they are going through daily. As we all know, headaches and migraines can cause unbearable pain and discomfort, so anything to help provide relief will be especially appreciated by the sufferer.
Not sure what to give? Worry no more! Check out this cool list of gift ideas that your friend will surely love!
7 gift for migraine sufferers - 01 pillow

Soft Pillows

If your friend is always bedridden with migraines, buying a good pillow is probably one of the best options. The correct pillow can definitely give your friend pain relief and comfort when sleeping. You can choose from many types such as memory pillows, body pillows, sleeping pillows and neck pillows. If your friend loves getting migraine relief from soaking in a hot tub, you can also consider buying bath pillows.

7 gift for migraine sufferers - 02 eye mask

Eye covers or Pain Relief Masks

If your friend is quite sensitive to the light or too much brightness, eye covers or pain relief masks might just be the perfect gift. Not only they block out the light that causes headaches and migraines, but they can also give a warm or cold relief from sinus pain and eyestrain. All in all, it is a great accessory for relaxing, resting, meditation and traveling.


 7 gift for migraine sufferers - 03 Herbal Tea


Herbal Tea Collection

Buying your friend a variety of caffeine-free tea bags might also do the trick. Not only does tea taste good, but there are a number of tea varieties that have been shown to relieve headache and migraine symptoms. One example is Ginger Mint tea. Mint is helpful for nausea and ginger has anti-inflammatory and pain relief properties. Together, they make an effective blend to cure headaches. Another beneficial herbal tea is Chamomile tea. Chamomile helps soothe and release tension, and is very helpful for relaxing while waiting for migraine to pass.


 7 gift for migraine sufferers - 04 Aromatherapy



For some migraine sufferers, essential oils or fragrances such as peppermint, lavender, and rosemary provide headache relief; while for others, it might be the complete opposite. So to be sure if aromatherapy is the right choice, observe or get some inside information first on the preference and tolerance of your friend with scented products. If they can tolerate it, you can ask them further which scents can trigger migraines for them. When you are finally sure of what type of fragrance your friend likes or can tolerate, you can pick from a wide range of products like bath salts, oils, and aromatherapy candles. However, you must still be careful to avoid buying anything with a particularly strong scent because no matter how good it smells, it can still trigger headaches.


 7 gift for migraine sufferers - 05 Spa


Trip to a local spa or massage center

Who wouldn’t love to receive a spa package, complete with whole body massage, sauna, and facial? There’s no arguing about it: massage sessions make great gifts. Massages not only feel good and relaxing, but they can also have some great therapeutic benefits like stress reduction and migraine relief.

7 gift for migraine sufferers - 06 Fitness

The gift of fitness

Research show that regular exercise can reduce stress and help provide headache relief. If your friend is lacking in the fitness department, you can motivate them to exercise. Depending on your budget, you could choose to buy a one-month membership to a gym, a sports gear for a particular activity your friend has always wanted to try, or even a good pair of sports shoes that will motivate them to exercise. If you don’t have that kind of budget or if your friend happens to really dread the gym, you can just invite her to exercise together with you, maybe for a jogging session each week. It will definitely be a win-win situation; you will be able to help your friend reduce stress and at the same time both of you will have a more active lifestyle.

7 gift for migraine sufferers - 07 Chiropractic

Have them see a chiropractor

Is your friend one of those people who always take painkillers pills when they’re having migraine attacks? If that’s so, it’s time you help them get off the drugs which can cause many side effects. Unlike pharmaceutical medications, chiropractic care can help turn pain and symptoms to relief and correction with no virtual harm done to the body. Research also shows that spinal adjustments, the primary form of Chiropractic care, is an effective alternative option for all types of headaches – migraines, tension headaches, cluster headaches and post-traumatic headaches.

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